Classic Bourbon Old Fashioned Cocktail

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Bourbon Old-Fashioned Cocktail

Classic bourbon old fashioned cocktail is well known for its sophisticated simplicity and sweetened and seasoned nature. It has been well-known since the 1800s and is an exceptional combination of bitterness, water, sugar, and spirits. Its main ingredients include one cube of sugar, three bitter dashes, 2 ounces of rye whiskey or bourbon, and orange peel for garnishing purposes. We can also add other ingredients according to the consumer preference for garnishing. This is the ideal cocktail for sipping during winter and fall and at special events.

The word cocktail was reported for the first time in 1806 of the pre-print times and presumably in the general parlance. Serving it in old fashioned glass also improves the consumer’s experience, and people can properly feel the old aesthetic touch. Our cafe is dedicated and focused on providing the best quality and taste, along with better exposure to old traditions and cultural values. There is a significant variation in using different ingredients and components in different parts of the world according to the consumers’ cultural values and personal preferences. Therefore, the proper use instructions and the possibility of using different ingredients are discussed in this article. 

Water and Ice 

Generally, water is added to this cocktail in the ice form, and we offer different shapes and sizes of ice so that consumers can enjoy some creativity. There is no recommendation for steel balls or whisky stones as they can add odd flavor to the cocktails. The shape of the ice is significantly important in dilution, as it can make or break the cocktail. There is quicker melting of smaller ice, and it causes immediate dilution, so there must be a preference for using larger ice cubes in the cocktails. The surface area of larger ice is small, and its dilution rate is also slow. A large rock cube and ice sphere are usually best for the classic bourbon old fashioned cocktail. The melting of spheres is even slower than the rocks, but ideally, both are important options. 


There is a good possibility of garnishing the classic bourbon old fashioned cocktail by mixing different spices and citrus. The pairing of agave-based spirits with grapefruit or lime greatly improves the zest. Adding the blood orange oil provides a less sweet but darker note, but Meyer lemons are significantly helpful for a sweeter flavor. Some must-try recommendations for garnishing include kaffir limes, clementines, and key limes. Some consumers can also prefer to add cherries for a better experience and taste satisfaction. 


There is a vast and diverse world of bitters, but the availability of orange and aromatic bitters is common in almost all bars. However, new consumers should only start with the flavors they like the most, as they can be experimental and wild in the later stages. Some important consumer recommendations include lime coriander, peach, earl grey, and tiki bitters. The bitters in our café are significantly safe and do not cause major health complications to the consumers. However, we strongly recommend our customers be beware of the specific ingredients and substances causing allergic reactions in their bodies. 


There are numerous sources for sweetening the cocktail, including sorghum, maple syrup, date syrup, molasses, and honey. Adding fresh fruit, simmering, infusions, and spices are also ideal ways to sweeten the cocktail. Some consumers are conscious about using keto-friendly and low calories sugar substitutes, and some good options include Splenda, erythritol, Xylitol, Swerve, and monk fruit sweetener. Stevia is not recommended as it causes strong after-tasting and overwhelms the classic bourbon old-fashioned cocktail. Also, there is a greater variation in the sweetness levels of different sugar substitutes, so the volume must be considered carefully. 

Fat Washing and Bourbon 

Fat washing is an ideal way to add flavor to the classic bourbon old fashion cocktail. Other than that, it also helps to improve the spirit texture. Plant-based fats are more helpful than animal-based fats, and some important choices include brown butter, olive oil, and coconut oil. Bourbon is also an amazing candidate for fat washing and greatly improves the quality of classic bourbon old-fashioned cocktails. 

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