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  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee (Single Barrel)

    Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee (Single Barrel) 

    Single barrel, singular flavor.

    We’re beyond excited for you to try our limited-edition Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee. The perfect harmony of the finest Kentucky Bourbon fused with the best Brazilian Arabica beans in the world, each bag of our single-barrel-aged coffee is a one of a kind experience.

    Our Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee receives incredible care and attention to detail. We hand-select single-use, charred oak barrels from the highest quality bourbon distilleries in Kentucky, all aged with bourbon for at least four years and retired no more than twelve days from selection.

    Our coffee is only available in whole bean to ensure the best possible sipping experience.

    Any coffee on Backorder will be shipped out within 3-4 business days!

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  • Pure Grades We start with only the highest-grade Brazilian Santos Arabica coffee beans that have been dried
    inside the fruit so that some of the sweetness carries into the cup.
  • Wide Assortment To find the best beans, we evaluate the following: bean size, bean color, uniformity of size and color, occurrence of any "defects", and most importantly the flavor of the roasted coffee when brewed
  • Proper Roasting Correct roasting is a delicate balance of time and temperature. As coffee roasts, it changes from green to shades of golden-yellow to its familiar brown.
  • High Quality Arabica coffee is grown best in tropical climates around the equator and typically on a hillside around 1,200-1,900 feet in elevation. The plant typically grows to be 6-15 feet in height and takes 7 years for to fully mature.
  • Excellent Grinding Always start with fresh roasted coffee and grind just before brewing. Once coffee is roasted and exposed to oxygen, it speeds up the molecular activity that ages coffee.

  • Awesome Aroma The Arabica bean flavor notes are chocolate, nuts, and caramel and you might notice hints of berries, with pleasant medium to low acidity and a smooth well-balanced body.

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