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Time to Discover Kaffa House Master classes from our barista at 8pm this Friday. Taste different types of craft coffee and perfect fresh bakery from our chief. Taste Coffee …

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Best Coffee Great Company Discounts for fresh desserts for large companies. The promotion starts after 6 pm every day except weekends and holidays. Taste Coffee …

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Sweet Bakery Perfect Morning Free Wi-Fi, sockets near tables, friendly barista and a cozy atmosphere will help you in your exciting work or evening relax. Taste Coffee …

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Rich Taste Great Aroma Every Tuesday in our cafe is tasting of different varieties of coffee and lectures from our barista. You will always find out something new here. Taste Coffee …

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More beans More taste Cold brew coffee for hot summer or perfect filter coffee from fresh roasted sorts of craft bean are always in in our cafe. Taste Coffee …
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