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Bourbon Coffee Co.’s signature barrel-aged process, offers a bit of real Kentucky bourbon added to these Arabica coffee beans.

About Us

Jonathon and Ryan founded Bourbon Coffee Company due to a mighty thirst for two things — excellent coffee and fine bourbon.

Knowing that not every cup of coffee is perfect, they embarked on a mission to create one that is, by fusing it with the beautiful aromas and flavors of bourbon.

First, they set out to find the perfect coffee bean. Having exhaustively investigated the pros and cons of varieties like Arabica, Robusta, Liberica and Excelsa, they finally settled on Arabica due to its sugar concentration — nearly double that of varieties like Robusta — giving it the ideal balance of sweetness and bitterness.

Next came the bourbon. Creating sensational bourbon is a painstaking process. Master distillers spend their entire lives crafting the perfect recipes. Authentic bourbon is made with 51% corn and stored at no more than 125 proof in a freshly charred oak barrel, then aged for a minimum of two years.

Our Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee receives that same care and attention to detail. First, we hand-select single-use, charred oak barrels from the highest-quality bourbon distilleries in Kentucky, all aged with bourbon for at least four years and retired no more than twelve days from selection. Then we age our raw, 100% Arabica beans in these barrels until perfectly infused with the Angel’s Share — the 2–4% of the bourbon that gets absorbed into the oak barrels themselves during their time in the brick house.

Our unique aging process gives our beans slightly sweet vanilla caramel notes mixed with a smokey bourbon flavor. And with no two barrels exactly alike, every batch has its own special attributes that make it one of a kind.

Finally, the beans are roasted to a perfect light to medium roast, depending on the aging process. The result is an exceptionally smooth cup of coffee with a heavenly caramel bourbon finish. After years of testing, tasting, researching and refining, we’re incredibly proud to bring coffee-lovers everywhere our take on the perfect cup of coffee. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Exclusive Beans from Brazil

Brazilian Santos Coffee

A popular regional style of coffee, Brazilian Santos is named after Santos, Brazil, the largest container port in all of South America. Of the world’s two main types of coffee bean (Arabica and Robusta), Santos beans can be either Bourbon, which is a cultivar of Arabica, or Robusta, when originating from Espírito Santo, a state just north of Rio de Janeiro.

Typically grown at relatively low elevations of 600 to 1,200 meters in Sao Paulo or Minas Gerais, Bourbon Santos coffee beans yield a lower acidity, especially by Bourbon coffee plant varietal standards, which tend to produce more acidic beans. With a light to medium body and hints of nutty sweetness throughout, Bourbon Santos’ wonderful aroma and smooth, mild flavor make it a favorite of casual coffee drinkers and aficionados alike.

The unsung hero of Robusta coffee beans, the state of Espírito Santo is Brazil’s second-largest coffee producer, and Brazil’s largest producer of Robusta. With a number of delicious varietals, coffee from this state is known for its smooth body and mild flavor, making it ideal for cupping or as an espresso base for darker roasts.

Grade17/18 Screen
RegionSubtropical Region
Growing Altitude1800 – 3,600 Feet
Arabica VarietyBrazilian Santos
Harvest PeriodMay – September
Milling ProcessNatural
AromaSlightly Sweet, Chocolate, Nuts, Caramel
FlavorHint of Fruity, Chocolate, Nuts, Cinnamon
BodySmoot Well-Balanced
AcidityMedium to Low
  • Wide Aasortment
  • High Quality
  • Awesome Aroma

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